Erin Grá Mo Chroí

Another emigrant song – Erin grá mo chroí, sung here by Colm O’Donnell.  You may be familiar with the version made popular by Cherish the Ladies.

Erin Grá Mo Chroí

At the setting of the sun, when my long day’s work was done
I rambled down the seashore for a walk
And I being all alone I sat down upon a stone
For to gaze upon the scenes of New York

Oh Erin grá mo chroí, you’re the dear old land to me
You’re the fairest that my eyes have ever seen
And if ever I go home, it’s from you I never will roam
You’re my own native land so far away

It broke my mother’s heart, the day that I did part
Will I never see my dear ones anymore?
Not until my bones are laid in the cold and silent grave
In my own native land so far away

On a cold, cold winter’s night, with the turf fire burning bright
And the snowflakes falling on a winter’s day,
When St. Patrick’s Day comes and the shamrocks will be worn
In the dear little isle so far away



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