The Night Visiting Song

Luke Kelly sings “The Night Visiting Song.”

I must away now,I can no longer tarry,
This morning’s tempest,I have to cross,
I must be guided,without a stumble,
Into the arms I love the most
And when he came to his true love’s dwelling,
He knelt down gently,upon a stone,
And through her window,he whispered lowly
Is my true lover within at home.
Wake up,wake up love it is thine own true lover,
Wake up,wake up love and let me in,
For I am tired love and oh so weary,
And more than near drenched to the skin.
She’s raised her up,her down soft pillow,
She’s raised her up,and she’s let him in,
And they were locked in,each other’s arms,
Untill that long night was past and gone.
And when that long night was pased and overm
And when the small clouds,began to grow,
He’s taken her hand amd they kissed ands parted,
Then he saddled and mounted,and away did go.

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