‘Stór, A Stór, A Ghrá

T with the Maggies perform this song from Donegal.

‘Stór, A Stór, A Ghrá

A stór, a stór, a ghrá
A stór, a stór an dtiocfaidh tú?
A stór, a stór, a grhá
An dtiocfaidh tú nó an bhfanfaidh tú?

Bhí me lá breá samhraidh i mo sheasamh ar an mhargadh
‘S is iomai fear a dúirt lion: “Monuar, gan tú sa bhaile agam”.

Gheall mo ghrá domsa cinnte go dtiocfadh si
Ni raibh a culaith Déanta agus sin an rud a choinnigh i

Thart tóin an gharrai, a Mháire, bhfuil an fhidil leat?
Aicearra na bprátai go dtéimid’ sair an fhidileoir

Mhí mise lán den tsaoil is bhi cion amuigh is istigh orm
Nach mór a dáthraigh an saol nuair nach bhfuil eion ag duine ar bith orm?


One fine summers day as I stood there in the market place
Many a fine young man remarked, “I’m sad you are not home with me.”


My darling, my darling, my love
My darling, my darling, will you come with me
My darling, my darling, my love will you come with me or settled be.

My true love promised kindly that she would surely come with me
Her wedding dress not ready, delayed her in joining me.

We have got water from the Eirne, and green grass from the heaven’s stems
Cows udders are near rending from the overflow of milk in them.

By the bottom of the garden, a Mary, is the fiddle there?
The shortcut by the praties, we’ll hasten to the fiddler.

At one time in my life I was dearly loved by everyone
Haven’t times changed when no one cares a whit for me?


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