Will Ye Gang, Love

A classic from Archie Fisher. This song he most likely learned from the Greig-Duncan collection, Folk-Songs of the North-East which includes almost 2,000 songs and was collected from  the northeast of Scotland in the early years of the 20th century before World War I by schoolmaster and musician Gavin Grieg and minister James Bruce Duncan.

Will Ye Gang, Love

As I cam’ in by yon Rashie moor,
Wha’ spied I at my true love’s door,
My heart grew sair and my een grew blind
To see my bonnie love leave me behind.

And will ye gang, love, and leave me noo,
Will ye gang, love, and leave me noo,
Wad ye forsake your ain love true
And gang wi’ a lad that ye never knew.

And as I cam in by yon Lenten main,
I saw another my love attend,
I bowed my head and I cried, “Ochone!”
The best of my good days are done.

And I will tell you the reason why
Because he has more gold than I
And I will tell you the reason true
The sweeter taste of the love that’s new.

And I leaned my back up against an oak
Thinking it was a trusty tree
And first it bent and then it broke
And so has my love done unto me.

But if you love me, we’ll never part
And instead of gowd ye can hae my heart
Ye can hae my heart wi’ a richt guid will
Ye’re a bonnie lass and I love ye still.

some explanation of the Scots words.

cam’ in by yon = came via that
Wha’ = who
sair = sore
een = eyes
ye gang = you go
noo = now
Wad ye = would you
gang wi’ a lad = go with a man
Ochone = a gaelic word meanin “Woe is me”
gowd = gold
hae = have
wi’ a richt guid will = with a right goodwill


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