Support and Grow SOTI in 2014!

Song of the Isles offers a unique place for singers to learn new songs from the Anglo-Celtic traditions. After a year and a half, the site and the number of daily users have grown substantially. even lists it as one of the “Great Irish Trad Sites.”

My vision for Song of the Isles has always been to connect singers to songs, but now it’s time to connect singers to more singers. Your financial support of Song of the Isles will not only ensure that the current site stays active, but it will also allow Song of the Isles to expand with more of what visitors have come to expect, and some new features that will allow more interaction between singers worldwide.

Donations will help to defray the annual costs of maintaining the site and will allow me to upgrade Song of the Isles to fit the needs of the traditional singing community.  The goal is to reach or exceed $500 (USD), so even a few dollars will go a long way towards success!

Thank you for your support.



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