Cornish Lads

In light of the newly-granted minority status  of the Cornish, here is a song with deep meaning for many in Cornwall. The words are by the modern singer Roger Bryant who is considered to be one of Cornwall’s finest songwriters, and this song has become an anthem of the people. It’s performed here by the Cornish lads of The Stowes.

Cornish Lads

Well Cornish lads are fishermen
And Cornish lads are miners too
But when the fish and tin are gone
what are the Cornish boys to do?

From Newly town we used to sail
Through rain and mist and lashing gale
The mackerel shoals we hoped to find
And soon we’ve left Land’s End behind

We’ve searched the seven stones all around
But not a sign or shoal we’ve found
Round Island light is now in sight
But Scillies are a barren ground

The winding engines used to sing
A melody to Cornish tin
And Geevor lads they all would grin
At pay day on a Friday

The water now reclaims the mine
And young men talk of old men’s time
And go to work in gold or coal
Or face a life upon the dole

The hammer of the auction man
Is the only sound we soon will hear
And visitors will make the noise
And order drinks from Cornish boys

We’ll do as we have done before
Go out to roam the wild world o’er
Wherever sea or ship are found
Or there’s a hole down underground


2 thoughts on “Cornish Lads

  1. The words slowly fading from the wall at South Crofty, (the word is entropy) are now weaving themselves with Bax’s La Mer and Alan Stivell’s Celtic harp and Bretton voice which has been my companion for 30 years. His song, Sur la Mer have lines about the sea, the flaming sun and raising one’s eyes to the horizon and a sense of a call to hope and work together with the strength of the Miner and the fishermen. can you hear the lyrics- every time I take a shower and the free wheeling thoughts settle on this easy theme, the thing writes it’self!

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