***Here’s an interview I did with the Bitesize Irish Gaelic podcast about my love of all things Irish, including traditional music. You can get an abbreviated bio below***

My first experience with Celtic music was the Missouri-based group Scartaglen.  I was around 12 years old, and my mother was given a copy of their first two albums by a co-worker. It wasn’t long before I claimed those tapes as MINE and proceded to wear them out. Although I really enjoyed the tunes, the piping in particular, it was the singing of Connie Dover and the songs she chose that pulled me in.

Since then, I have immersed myself as fully as possible in the tradition, not just as a singer, but as a player as well. Academically, I’m a classically trained singer, but traditional singing has always been my passion. So after all of these years, I think it’s time to give back in some small way. And that led to the creation of Song of the Isles.

The point of this site is to pass on the great song traditions of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Britain, and the Isle of Man, so-called “Celtic Music.”  It’s not enough to simply put the music up to been seen and/or heard. This is a place where you can learn the songs as well as enjoy them, so I will strive to include the lyrics (and English translations if available) for every post. To a large extent, I made this site for myself. It features the singers I like the best and the songs I either already know, am trying to learn, or just love to hear. I do try my best to branch out and learn about new singers and songs, so hopefully you’ll find enough variety here to keep you coming back.

Now for you, Dear Reader. I hope that some of you will feel confident/brave/encouraged enough to post videos of yourself singing the music as part of the SOTI Singing Club, whether you have just learned the song or have sung it your whole life. It is an oral tradition after all, and it’s easier than ever to share.

Go raibh míle maith agaibh and happy singing!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for your website. It’s really informative. One thing did stand out though – Wales, the only other Celtic country in the UK is not in your sub-heading? Probably Anglo-Celtic is not something we’d be comfortable being described as either!
    “Celebrating the song traditions of Ireland, Scotland, WALES and other Celtic lands” will be so much better.
    After all, Wales is known as The Land of Song but we seem to be totally off the radar, especially with people from USA. The language and culture is alive and vibrant. But many don’t know of our existance. I run a Welsh music publishing company called Curiad. We’d really appreciate it if you could put Wales there next to our Celtic neighbours and back on the map! Diolch yn fawr.

    • The description is written that way because the primary focus is Ireland and Scottish, and to a much smaller part the other countries with similar traditions. It is quite difficult to find much Welsh traditional music on the internet, so I’d love to find out more.

  2. I would like to introduce you to Scottish Folk legend Barbara Dickson, who is the reason I found your site. She is currently visiting America. In response to my teasing lamentation on Facebook that we will not be privileged to hear her while she is on our shores, she posted three YouTube videos of her performances during a previous American visit. You should be delighted with The Recruited Collier and Will Ye Gang, Love (a capella, whose lyrics I sought on your site), She also has videos of songs not on your site like The Burning of Auchidoon and The Rigs O’ Rye! (you really need to watch this). She seems refreshingly down to earth and I believe shares your passion for Songs of the Isles. Perhaps you might see what beauty will happen by linking with her?

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