Frank Finn Weekend 2012

Thanks to one of our SOTI followers for pointing out that the Sligo Traditional Singers will hold the annual Frank Finn Traditional Singing Weekend at the end of this month.

The Frank Finn Traditional Singing Festival is designed to encourage foster and perpetuate the singing tradition in the Sligo area by strengthening the bonds of friendship already established between The Sligo Traditional Singers and other singers both in Ireland and abroad.
The Festival will be a weekend of singing workshops, informal singing sessions, audio and video presentations, scholarly talks and a field trip. It will feature local and visiting singers, speakers and academics.

Special Guests:

John””The Miller: Power
Micheál Ó Cuaig
Joe McGowan
Peter Carragher
Gene Sheerin

Blockbuster Concert At 2013 Temple Bar TradFest

Check out this awesome concert on January 22, 2013 as part of the Dublin’s Temple Bar TradFest!  Can someone hook a man up with free tickets, flight, and accommodations?

A Stór Mo Chroí- A Musical Gathering

This collective of Singers and Musicians is made up of members of the most progressive and influential traditional groups of the past fifteen years. Combined they represent, Solas, Lunasa, Danu, At First Light,Lumiere, Nomos, Tamalin, Béal Tuinne and The Sharon Shannon Band.

They have performed all over the world and taken part in the award winning series ‘The Transatlantic Sessions’. They have come together to perform a shared repertoire that celebrates their love of storytelling. Through a collection of beautiful love songs, which cover the range from heartfelt loss to unbridled joy, these performers illustrate their importance in the tradition. Each voice and accompaniment captures the essence of the song.

To have a supergroup of both musicians and vocalists performing together will prove a rare treat for fans of both Traditional and Folk music.