Mary and the Hielan’ Sodger (Mary and the Highland Soldier)

One of the many “girl and the soldier” songs found in the tradition. Andy M. Stewart‘s version is a little different from the lyrics below, but you’ll catch on.

Mary and the Hielan’ Sodger

High up amang yon Heiland hills
There lives a canny maiden,
And she’s gone oot ane fine summer’s nicht
To watch all the soldier’s paradin’.

And they looked sae braw as they marched awa’,
The drums they did rattle and the pipes they did blaw,
Which caused young Mary for to weep and say,
I will follow my Heiland soldier.

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Where Are You (Tonight I Wonder)

Let’s kick this thing off with the “First Lady of Irish Music,” Niamh Parsons performing a great original song by the Scottish singer-songwriter Andy M. Stewart.  I’ve loved this song since I heard Déanta’s version on an episode of The Thistle and Shamrock Show back in the late 90s. I love Niamh’s singing, and I love her efforts to help others learn the songs she sings, so I think it’s only fitting that she’s first

Where Are You (Tonight I Wonder)

Where are you tonight I wonder
And where will you be tonight when I cry?
Will sleep for you come easy,
Though I alone can’t slumber
Will you welcome in the morning
At another man’s side?

How easy for you the years slipped under
And left me a shadow the sun can’t dispel
I built for you a tower of love and admiration
But I set you so high I could not reach myself.

I look through my window at a world filled with strangers
The face in my mirror is the one face I know
You have taken all that’s in me, so my heart is in no danger
My heart is in no danger, but I’d still like to know

If there is a silence then it can be broken
If there beats a pure heart to her I will go
And time will work its healing and the spirit will grow stronger
Ah, but in the meantime I’d still like to know.