Flower of Finae

Karan Casey and John Doyle are featured here in a fantastic version of Flower of Finae.  It’s one of the “big songs” in the traditional singing canon and in an upcoming Singer Q & As with Karan and John, they talk about working on the big songs.

Flower of Finae

Bright red is the sun o’er the waves of Lough Sheelin
A cool gentle breeze o’er the mountains is stealing
But fair round the islets the small ripples play
But fairer than all is the flower of Finae

Her hair is like night and her eyes like grey morning
She trips o’er the heather as if its touch scorning
But her heart and her lips are as mild as May Day
Young Eily McMahon is the flower of Finae

Who down the hillside like wild deer runs fleeter?
And who on the lakeside is hastening to greet her?
Who but Fergus O’Farrell, that fiery young gay
The darling and pride of the flower of Finae

One kiss and one clasp and one wild look of gladness
But why does it change all of a sudden to sadness?
He has told his sad fortune; he can no longer stay
He must leave his poor Eily all alone in Finae

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