Bog Braon

A lovely lullaby from Ireland.  I don’t think I could ever get tired of Iarla Ó Lionáird’s voice. (skip to :33 if you just want the singing.)

* old man refers to a baby here (maybe due to resembance to old man with bald head) — I’ve also seen “bog braon” translated as “warm drop” — makes more sense in context

Soft Drop

Bog braon, bog braon, bog braon don tseanduine,
bog braon ‘s blais fein, is a thabhairt don tseanduine


Cuir a chodladh, cuir a chodladh, cuir a chodladh an seanduine,
Cuir a chodladh is ní a chosa is bog braon don tseanduine.


Ubh circe, ubh circe, ubh circe don tseanduine,
ubh chirce is blúire ime is a thabhairt don tseanduine.


Feoil úr, feoil úr, feoil úr don tseanduine,
feoil úr is braon súip is a thabhairt don tseanduine.

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