My Love is a Well

Where to start… to me these lyrics have echoes of the biblical Song of Songs (aka The Song of Solomon) with its natural imagery. Daoirí Farrell‘s performance makes this song, written by the late Liam Weldon, seem like it’s always been part of the tradition. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

MY LOVE IS A WELL (Liam Weldon)

My love is a well, a deep dropping-well,
As deep as the bottomless sea.
Immersed am I, in the well of my love,
Immersed in ecstasy,
Immersed in ecstasy.

My love is an eagle and fierce is her cry,
As she calls me to mate, with her for to fly,
To the land of the mountains, the mist and the sky,
Where our young eagles scream at the dawning,
Our young eagles scream at the dawning.

My love is a fraughan, royal purple and black,
A fraughan that dwells by the rude mountain track.
And we’ll sink deep our roots, in the mountain’s broad back,
And our seed will spread over the mountain,
Our seed will spread over the mountain.

My love is a flower, so shy to behold,
A primrose emerging from winter’s cold,
A song of the dream-time that’s new and yet old,
And I love my bright love till the dawning,
I will love my bright love till the dawning.