Plooman Laddies

Lucy Kemp Welch – Hinger dem pflug behind the plow

Another song from the Scottish Lowlands/Borders where the plooman (ploughman) life was one all of it’s own.  Elizabeth Stewart sings, with a bit of help and harmony from the audience.

Another song in praise of the glamorous ploughboy and the girl in love with him. Here the affair is still joyful without the disappointment of his moving on without her – and perhaps this time he won’t. –

Plooman Laddies

Doon yonder den there’s a plooman lad
Some simmer’s day he’ll be aa my ain

And sing laddie aye, and sing laddie o
The plooman laddies are aa the go

I love his teeth, an I love his skin
I love the verra cairt he hurls in

In yonder toon ah could hae gotten a merchant
But aa his gear wisna worth a groat

Doon yonder den ah could hae gotten a miller
But aa his dust wad hae deen me ill

It’s ilka time I gyang tae the stack
I hear his wheep gie the ither crack

I see him comin frae the toon
Wi aa his ribbons hingin roon and roon

Aa the go: in fashion, all the rage
Deen me ill: made me sick
Den: narrow wooded valley
Groat: archaic Scottish coin of low value
Gyang: go
Hurls: rides (in a wheeled vehicle)
Ilka: every
Stack: peat stack
Verra: very