False Lover John

A great archival recording of Corney McDaid singing this song of women who runs off with a man who is only trying to murder her. Like in many other similar songs, she outsmarts him. I found this song during one of many hours visiting the Digital Library of the Irish Traditional Music Archives.

Oh false lover John he courted me, for every hour in the day,
He courted me until such a degree as I hadn’t one word to say.

‘It’s take in all your father’s gold and all your mother’s money,
And steal the keys of your father’s stable with thirty steeds and three.’

She took in all of her father’s gold and all her mother’s money,
She stole the keys of her father’s stable with thirty steeds and three.

She mounted on a white milk steed, rode on by the clear silver light of the moon,
And they rode on to the river bank where there they did get down.

‘It’s lie you here Miss Magdelene this night along with me,
For here I drowned seven king’s daughters, the eighth one shall be you.

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