You and I In The One Bed Lie (He Rolled Her To The Wall)

This song goes by many names. It originates in Scotland and is also called Capt. Wedderburn’s Courtship and The Song of the Riddles. Here is Cathie Ryan‘s lively take. If you’re up for a clever older recording, check out the piper Willie Clancy’s version on Minstrel from Clare.

You and I In The One Bed Lie (He Rolled Her To The Wall)

A nobleman’s fair daughter was walking down yon lane
When up comes Captain Dixon, the keeper of the game
Says he unto his serving man, “If it was not for the law
I’d have that maid within my bed and she’d lie next to the wall”

“Go away, young man,” says she, “And do not me perplex
Before I lie one night with you, you’ll answer questions six
Six questions you will answer, and I will make them all
Before you and I in the one bed lie and I lie next to the wall

What is rounder than a ring? What’s higher than a tree?
What is worse than womankind? What’s deeper than the sea?
What tree blooms first? What bird sings best? From where do dew drops fall?
Then it’s you and I in the one bed lie and I lie next to the wall”

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Molly Na gCuach Ní Chuilleanáin

A real favorite of mine. Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh and Donnchadh Gough of Danú perform this great Irish song of loss.

Molly na gCuach Ní Chuilleanáin

Ar meisce cha dtéim níos mó
I won’t go drinking anymore

Braon leanna go deo ní bhlaisfidh mé
I will not taste a drop of beer ever

Ó chaill mé mo chailín beag óg
Since I lost my little young girl

A chuireadh i mo phócaí an t-airgead.
Who used to put money in my pockets


Is fada liom uaim í, uaim í
I miss her, I miss her

Is fada liom uaim í ó d’imigh sí
I miss her since she went away

Is fada liom thíos agus thuas í
I miss her in every way

Molly na gcuach Ní Chuilleanáin.
Molly Cullinane of the ringlets.

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