Molly Bán

There are several “Molly Bán” songs. This version comes from the “I accidentally shot/killed my love” tradition, like the Scottish song A Chatrion’ ÒgIt’s performed here by the American bluegrass singer/fiddler extraordinaire Alison Krauss with the Chieftains.

Molly Bán

Come all ye young fellas
That handle a gun
Beware of night rambling
By the setting of the sun
And beware of an accident
That happened of late
To young Molly Bán
And sad was her fate

She was going to her uncles
When a shower came on
She went under a green bush
The shower to shun
Her white apron wrapped around her
He took her for a swan
But a hush and a sigh
‘Twas his own Molly Bán

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