Road to Clady

A real rouser!  Great singing, playing, arrangement and a wonderful old song from Ildanach.

The Road to Clady
I am a country servant serving in Collon
In a place they call New Hamilton, a grand old-fashioned town;
‘Twas early in the morning at the hour of three
When I set off for Clady, the old grey mare and me.


Cheeks as red as roses, eyes a bonny blue,
Dancing, dancing pierce me through and through;
She fairly won my fancy, stole away my heart,
Jogging along to Clady on the sour milk cart.

In the corner of the street, a bus I chanced to pass
And in the corner of the bus I spied a country lass.
Says I, “My pretty fair maid, come along with me.
I’m going the road to Clady, the old grey mare and me.”

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