Lassie Wi’ the Lint White Locks

More Burns today. This one from 1794 is Robbie Burns doing his best to woo a(nother) fair maid. If you need some help translating Burns-isms, you can visit The tune is based on the Strathspey “The Rothiemurchus Rant.”

From the BBC’s Transatlantic Sessions, this performance is by Karen Mattheson.

Lass Wi’ the Lint White Locks

Lassie wi’the lint-white locks,
Bonie lassie, artless lassie,
Wilt thou wi’ me tent the flocks,
Wilt thou be my Dearie, O?

Now Nature cleeds the flowery lea,
And a’ is young and sweet like thee,
O wilt thou share its joys wi’ me,
And say thou’lt be my Dearie, O.

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