King of Birds

Another beautiful song from the extremely talented Karine Polwart.  

This comes with a big nod of thanks and respect to the Occupy Movement, especially at St Paul’s in London, for ringing a bell that needs ringing. The king of birds in mythology is The Wren, a motif for Sir Christopher. The song tracks the symbolism of St Paul’s cathedral set against the backdrop of The Great Fire of London, The Blitz and The City of today.

King of Birds

At Ludgate Hill
on the cracked and blackened cobbles of the town
the ashes fall to rest
As the tiny King of Birds he flutters down
to build a citadel
to light glory in the dark
and from hell
to breath hope in every heart

At Ludgate Hill
through the siren screams the heavens burn again
the city holds its breath
as the tiny little king in slumber bed
arises from the dust
to light glory in the dark
and through the frost
to breathe hope in every heart

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Thig am bata

Such an amazing version of this Scottish song from Julie Fowlis. Simple, pulsing, mesmerizing.

Thig am bata / A bhean eudaich

Thig am bàta, hùg-o
Moch a-màireach, hùg-o
Bidh m’athair innte, hao ri horo
‘S mo thriùir bhràithrean, hùg-o

‘S mo chèile donn, hùg-o
Air ràmh bràghad, hùg-o
‘S gheibh iad mise, hao ri horo
Air mo bhàthadh, hùg-o

‘S togaidh iad mi, hùg-o
Air na ràmhan, hùg-o
‘S mo bhreacan donn, hao ri horo
Snàmh na fairge, hùg-o

‘S mo chuailean donn, hùg-o
Measg nan carrichean, hùg-o
‘S mo bhràist airgid, hao ri horo
Measg na gainmhich, hùg-o

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Ready For The Storm

Dougie MacLean in a live performance of his own Ready for the Storm – a modern song that seems to speak to many people, singers and listeners alike.

Ready for the Storm

The waves crash in and the tide tide pulls out
It’s an angry sea but there is no doubt
That the lighthouse will keep shining out to warn the lonely sailor
And the lightning strikes and the wind cuts cold through the sailor’s bones, to the sailor’s soul
Till there’s nothing left that he can hold except the rolling ocean

But I am ready for the storm, yes sir, ready
I am ready for the storm, I’m ready for the storm

Oh give me mercy for my dreams
Cause every confrontation seems
To tell me what it really means to be this lonely sailor
But when the sky begins to clear and the sun it melts away my fear
I’ll cry a silent weary tear for those that need to love me


The distance it is no real friend
And time will take its time
And you will find that in the end it brings you me, the lonely sailor
And when you take me by your side you love me warm, you love me and
I should have realized I had no reason to be