The Man from Connemara

A beautiful Robbie O’Connell song performed here by the always amazing Sean Keane.

The Man from Connemara

He spent his youth among the stones
The ocean thundered in his bones
His heart was tempered by its drone
The man from Connemara

He always stood out from the crowd
A noble horse as strong and proud
As every rocky field he’d ploughed
The man from Connemara

He left his home and family
To search for work across the sea
But he never lost his dignity
The man from Connemara

He carved his place in foreign lands
And forged a new life with his hands
Where others failed he made a stand
The man from Connemara

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May Morning Dew

May Morning Dew has been a favorite of mine since I first heard of traditional singing. It was hard to choose a version to post, but I’m really into Sean Keane’s style right now. I think his simple approach to performance is a great example for all singers.

May Morning Dew

How pleasant in winter to sit by the hob
Listening to the sounds and the bark of a dog
Or in summer to wander the wide valleys through
And to pick the wild flowers in the May morning dew

Summer is coming, Oh, Summer is near
With the leaves on the trees and the sky blue and clear
And the small birds are singing their fond notes so true
And the wild flowers are springing in the May morning dew

The house I was born in is but a stone on a stone
And all round the garden the weeds they have grown
And all the fine neighbours that ever I knew
Like the red rose have perished in the May morning dew.

God be with the old folk, they are all dead and gone
And likewise my brothers, young Denis and John
As we tripped thrugh the heather, wild hares to pursue
Our joys they did mingle in the May morning dew