The Claudy Banks

While were on the subject of various banks, here’s an English ballad performed by Eliza Carthy, Norma Waterson, and Martin Carthy.

The Claudy Banks

As I rode out one evening all in the month of May
Down by the banks of Claudy I carelessly did stray
There I beheld a fair maid in sorrow did complain
Lamenting of her own true love who had crossed the raging main

Ey-oh ey-oh he is my darling boy
He is the darling of my heart
All on the walls of Troy

I stepped up unto her and caught her in great surprise
I own she did not know me for I was in disguise
I said My pretty fair maid my joy and heart’s delight
How far do you mean to wander on this dark and dreary night

Oh the banks of Claudy I wish you would me show
Take on a fair young maid who has nowhere else to go
For I’m in search of a young man young Johnny it is his name
And on the banks of Claudy I hear he does remain

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