The Close Shave

This is a variant on the song Barrack Street, sometimes Patrick Street, with words and music by Bob Bickerton.  This is a New Zealander’s take on the old song tradition of a young man being deceived by a fair young woman. It’s performed in a reasonably well-known version from Andy Irvine.

The Close Shave

Come gather round you diggers all who work the goldfields rare
It’s of a trick was played on me and it’s caused me to despair
I came to town the other day me precious gold to trade
And there I met a pretty maid who did me heart betray

And her lips were red as roses and her eyes a deep sky blue
Her hair was yellow as the gold she stole from me and you

We went into a Public House and there we did imbibe
Whiskey and strong porter and dreadful stuff beside
‘T was then she asked me up to bed to which I did agree
But truth to tell I fell asleep before she’d earned her fee

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