The Gallant Shearers


The Tannahill Weaver’s version of the old Scottish song, The Gallant Shearers, sometimes called The Band O’ Shearers. In this instance, shearing refers not to sheep, but to the harvesting of grain, which was done in a large group.

The Gallant Sheareres

Adam’s wine and heather bells
Come rattlin’ ower yon high, high hills
There’s corn rigs in yonder fields
And autumn brings the shearin’

Bonnie lassie will ye gang
And shear wi’ me the hale day lang
And love will cheer us as we gang
Tae jine yon band o’ shearers

And if the thistle it be strang
And pierce your bonnie milk white hand
It’s wi’ my hook I’ll lay it lang
When we gang tae the shearin’


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