The Home I Left Behind

Maranna McCloskey sings this great emigrant song. You can find it on her solo CD At Last. The air is Rocks O Bawn, a tune to which many traditional Irish songs are set.

The Home I Left Behind

I was born on the hillside by yonder flowing stream
It is deeply pictured in my mind, fond memories, thoughts and dreams
It often nearly breaks my heart and leaves me troubled mind
When I think of dear old Ireland and the home I left behind

It was early next morning with a sad and broken heart
I stood on the hearth of my father’s floor saying, It’s sad we both must part
With my mother’s arms around my neck as the tears her eyes did blind
And I tore out from her arms in the home I left behind

We travelled through old Ireland till we came to Queenstown Quay
Twas there I saw a steamer bound for Americay
Twas there I saw a steamer bound for some foreign clime
And from there I took my last fond look at the home I left behind

But since I’ve landed in New York strange faces I have known
But there’s none so dear or so near to me as the ones I left at home
And when I’ve lots of shining gold and a girl to make my bride
I will roll her in my arms in the home I left behind