Madam I’m A Darlin

A clever and fun song performed by the fantastic guitarist/singer John Doyle. You can find this recorded on Exiles Return, his duet album with Karan Casey.

Madam I’m A Darlin

As I walked out in Chester city
At the late hour of the night
Who should I see but a fair young maiden
Washing her clothes in the clear moonlight

cho: Madam I’m a darlin, a die row dither-o
Madam I’m a darlin, a die row day

Oh first she washed and then she squeezed ’em
Then she hung them out to dry
And then she folded up her arms
Saying, “Oh what a fair young girl am I.”

Oh going to the well for a pail of water
Fetching it back to make some tea
Well she fell under and I fell over
And all the game was above her knee

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