Verdant Braes of ‘Screen

The story told in this song is remarkably similar to ‘P’ Stands for Paddy or perhaps the other way round. I simply adore Maranna McCloskey‘s voice and here it’s just perfect. You can find this song on her CD At Last. There is some speculation that the “‘Screen” mention here is Ballinascreen in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Verdant Braes of ‘Screen

As I rode out one evening fair
By the verdant braes of ‘Screen
I set my back to a hawthorn tree
To view the sun in the west country
And the dew on the forest green

A lad I spied by Abhann’s side
And a maiden by his knee
And he was as dark as the very brown wood
And she all whey and wan to see
All whey and wan was she

“Oh, sit you down on the grass,” he said.
“On the dewy grass so green
For the wee birds all have come and gone
Since I my true love have seen
Since I my true love have seen”

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