The Green Fields of France

As sung by the Clancy Brothers,  a song by the Scottish-Austrailian songwriter by Eric Bogle which laments the terrible losses of World War I.

Green Fields of France

How do you do, young Willie McBride,
Do you mind if I sit here, by your grave side
And rest for a while in the warm summer sun,
I’ve been walking all day and I’m nearly done
I see by your grave stone your were only nineteen,
When joined the great fallen in 1915
I hope you died well and I hope you died clean,
Or Willie McBride was it slow and obscene

Did they beat the drum slowly, did they play the fife lowly
Did they sound the dead march as they lowered you down
Did the band play the last post and Chorus
Did the pipes play “The Flowers of the Forest”

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