Ye Lovers All (North Americay)

The great Niamh Parsons sings this beautiful emigrant song with Gerry O’Beirne. A wonderful clip from several years ago.

Ye Lovers All

Ye lovers all both great and small
Who dwell in Ireland
Oh I pray you pay attention
Whilst I my pen command
It was my father’s anger
That drove my love away
But I still have hopes
We’ll meet again in North Americay

My love he was fair and handsome
And to him I gave my heart
Ah but little was our notion
That we would ever part
It was in my father’s garden
That this flower it did decay
But I still have hopes twill bloom again
In North Americay

Now I did not want for money
Kind fortune on me shone
So out of my father’s castle
I took five hundred pounds
It was in the town of Belfast
My passage I did pay
And then set sail across the sea
To far Americay

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