The Emigrant Farewell (Farewell to Old Ireland)

This is a lovely video I stumbled on while cruising YouTube.  Bruce Michael Baillie sings and plays a superb version of this song made famous by Andy Irvine.

The Emigrant Farewell

Farewell to old Ireland, the land of my childhood
Which now and forever I am going to leave;
Farewell to the shores, the shamrock is growing
It’s the bright spot of beauty and home of the brave.
I will think on its valleys with fond admiration
Though never again its green hills will I see,
I’m bound for to cross o’er that wide swelling ocean,
In search of fame, fortune and sweet liberty.

It’s hard to be forced from the lands that we live in,
Our houses and farms obliged for to sell,
And to wander alone amongst Indians and strangers
To find some sweet spot where our children might dwell.
I’ve got a wee lassie I fain would take with me,
Her dwelling at present lies in County Down,
It would break my sad heart for to leave her behind me,
We will both roam together the wide world around.

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