Handsome Polly-O

Fionnuala Maxwell and guitarist John McCartin performed at The Dock in Carrick on Shannon, Co Leitrim, as part of a live webcast streamed on IrelandWestTrad.com. And thanks to LiveTrad.com for including the lyrics on the video!  Great song. Handsome Polly-O is from a recording made by Seamus Ennis of Thomas Moran of Mohill, Co. Antrim.

Handsome Polly-O

Oh a regiment of soldiers came to Mohill-o
A regiment of soldiers came to Mohill-o
And the captain on parade
He fell in love with a ladies’ maid
And the name that she was called was handsome Polly-o

Will you ‘list in the army, handsome Polly-o? (x2)
Ah you’ll get a horse to ride
And your rifle by your side
And a whole band of music going afore ye-o.

Didn’t I give you your answer long, long ago? (x2)
That I ne’er intend to roam
Into any foreign shore
Nor to marry a poor soldier in the army-o.

Now when she came in presence of the captain-o (x2)
Ah she made him there to stand
With his cap and gun in hand
And she laughed him to scorn to his soldiers-o.

The regiment got the rout into Iveagh-o (x2)
And the captain he fell sick
And he died all in a week
And it was all for the love of handsome Polly-o.


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